Fighting “Maskne” On The Front Lines

Fighting "Maskne" On The Front Lines

Naturopathy Canonsburg PA Maskne

Essential health workers are reporting skin irritations caused by the increased use of the N95 mask. More than a third of these workers are experiencing acne and itchy facial rashes now referred to as "maskne."

To calm redness and soothe rashes, try using Calendula Cream. Calendula is made from the petals of the common garden marigold. These golden petals are full of flavonoids and other natural substances that help restore the skin barrier.

I recommend Boiron's high-quality Calendula Cream to protect skin and gently soothe cuts, skin irritations, and rashes. I use it in my practice for mask acne, razor burns, insect bites, and to help manage skin symptoms in patients receiving radiation therapy.

About Dr. Weinhold:

Naturopathy Canonsburg PA Heidi WeinholdHeidi Weinhold, ND, specializes in homeopathy, nutritional supplements, and customized botanicals. She holds a four-year degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) in Tempe, Arizona, where her studies included drug-herb interactions, homeopathic intakes, dialoguing with physicians, and incorporating natural modalities. In 2017, SCNM awarded her an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters. Visit for more info.

Caring for Treated Skin with Calendula

Radiation therapy can leave treated skin sore, dry, and irritated. To provide soothing relief, more than 450 oncology centers across the country are recommending Boiron Calendula to their patients. These topical medicines are made with Calendula flowers, which have been used for generations to naturally heal cuts, scrapes, rashes, and skin irritations. Boiron's Calendula products are available in cream and ointment formulas. Order for your practice today.

News About Tax-Free Medical Expenses

Recent changes in legislation known as the CARES Act has expanded coverage for over-the-counter drugs, including homeopathic products. More than 900 Boiron medicines and counting are now eligible for reimbursement using Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Savings Account (FSA) funds. Patients can check product eligibility by visiting our website.

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