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Naturopathy Canonsburg PA Heidi Weinhold ND Talks About Lupis

Natural Modalities for Lupus

Natural Modalities for Lupus Play Video Naturopathic Doctor, Heidi Weinhold ND, discusses how Naturopathic Medicine can help support patients living with Lupus and Autoimmune Conditions.

Naturopathy Canonsburg PA Happy Holidays

Surviving the Busy Holidays with Help from Homeopathy

Surviving the Busy Holidays with Help from Homeopathy Traveling around the holidays can elicit feelings of stress and agitation. Past family gatherings, canceled flights, rushing, and pleasing can all add to high tension levels. Today, holiday travel can mean a short drive to grandma’s house or a hectic five-store excursion to find the perfect gift.…

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“Bless The Caregiver”

“Bless The Caregiver” Valiant heroes, taking on this tough duty In your eyes, see real love and beauty Quiet prayers at the end of the day, Loneliness, exhaustion, anger, and sorrow Care also for yourself and prepare for tomorrow. This Doctor knows first hand the experience of being a caregiver.  My mother and I took…

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Homeopathic Essentials For College

Homeopathic Essentials For College Pack the pillows, pack the shoes…pack the homeopathic essentials for College students.  The following homeopathic medicines will help to reduce the emotional and physical stress of transitioning to College life. Leaving home for the first time can promote intense sadness for the first few weeks. Homesickness, missing family and friends, or…

Naturopathy Canonsburg PA Golf

Golf Stronger With These Homeopathic Remedies

Golf Stronger With These Homeopathic Remedies Thoughts of relaxation, camaraderie, and competition. Wearing silly pants without inhibition. Excelling, performance, low scores on his mind. Aggressive swings, missed shots, and defeat he might find. If relief for soreness and stiffness is a fit Open your homeopathic golfer’s kit. For centuries, European mountain climbers used Arnica to…

Calendula For Skin Irritations

Calendula Cream, A Gardener’s Dream

Calendula Cream, A Gardener’s Dream Homeopathic Calendula Cream is made from the dried petals of the garden marigold. This “golden elixir” calms and soothes gardening skin irritations. Planting marigolds in your garden will also help to repel deer. A gift for the Spring Gardener, or for Mother’s Day; a potted Marigold, gardening gloves, and a…