Homeopathic Essentials For College

Homeopathic Essentials For College

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Pack the pillows, pack the shoes…pack the homeopathic essentials for College students.  The following homeopathic medicines will help to reduce the emotional and physical stress of transitioning to College life.

Leaving home for the first time can promote intense sadness for the first few weeks. Homesickness, missing family and friends, or feeling overwhelmed?  Dr. Weinhold’s preferred homeopathic medicine for grief or heartache is Ignatia 30c.  Homeopathic Ignatia is made from the St. Ignatius bean and helps to relieve a heartache and process grief.

New professors, and large classes can induce test anxiety.  The homeopathic medicine Gelsemium sempervirens 30c helps to relieve anticipatory anxiety.  Gelsemium has a long history as a stress reducer.  It was found in Civil War first aid kits to help give courage to soldiers walking on to the battlefield.  Today, it is commonly used to help relieve test anxiety or stage fright.  Consider taking homeopathic Gelsemium when you need courage to face your fears.

Eyestrain from computer use, prolonged exposure to artificial lights, or from studying in dimly lit rooms?  That’s best addressed by Ruta graveolens 30c.  It also relieves headaches that result from eyestrain.  This medicine is made from the herb-of-grace plant that contains flavonoids called rutin, which are thought to strengthen blood vessels.  Homeopathic Ruta can also help with pain and stiffness in the wrists, hands, low back, and legs, from repetitive motion at the computer.  Keep Ruta 30c at your college workstation for easy access at the onset of stiffness or eyestrain.

Nux Vomica 30c is known as the homeopathic “hangover remedy” and helps to relieve nausea, bloating, and sluggishness associated with overindulgence.  It’s not uncommon for college students to overindulge in both food and alcohol for the first time leaving home.  Dr. Heidi Weinhold suggests taking homeopathic Nux Vomica 30c, 5 pellets under the tongue, at the onset of symptoms.  Wait 30-60 minutes.  Repeat only if necessary, until symptoms subside.  Do not exceed 5 doses of the homeopathic medicine in a single day.

Homeopathic medicines are easy to take.  They come in sublingual pellets, discreet, and are perfect to carry in a purse, pocket, or backpack.  There are no side effects of taking homeopathy with other medications.

These homeopathic medicines are for situational stress.  The dose for using homeopathic medicines for situational stress is typically 5 pellets, in four divided doses in one day (morning, noon, 4 pm, bedtime) and stop.  You do not need to take these homeopathic medicines every day, only as needed.  Stop taking the homeopathic medicine for emotional stress once symptoms resolve.  Normally, 1-2 days.  They are not meant to be taken daily.  If depression or anxiety symptoms persist, it may warrant seeking the advice of a Homeopathic Practitioner who can customize a homeopathic prescription for the individual.

About Dr. Weinhold: Heidi Weinhold, ND, is a naturopathic doctor specializing in homeopathy, nutritional supplements, and customized botanicals with a private practice in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pa. She holds a four-year doctoral degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) in Tempe, Ariz., along with a Doctor of Humane Letter from her alma mater. Her studies included drug-herb interactions, homeopathic intakes, dialoguing with physicians, and incorporating natural modalities.


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