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Naturopathy Canonsburg PA Heidi WeinholdDr. Heidi Weinhold is available for Speaking Engagements

In addition to seeing patients daily, Dr. Heidi also enjoys conducting thought-provoking lectures and interviews on health-related issues. She is a much -sought after speaker. The rapport she establishes with her audience is natural and virtually instantaneous. Dr. Weinhold is available for both in person as well as virtual events.


  • "Staying Resilient: Natural Strategies to Manage Stress & Anxiety."
  • "Integrating Homeopathy into Breast Cancer Treatment Plans".
  • "Avoiding 'Burnout': Natural Modalities for Self-Care"
  • "Natural Support for Cognitive Impairment Following a TBI."
  • "Incorporating Homeopathic Remedies into Nursing".
  • "Homeopathic Pearls for Sports Injuries"
  • "A Naturopathic Approach to Pain Management"
  • "Homeopathic Remedies to Incorporate in a Gerontologic Practice."
  • "Integrative Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer and Natural Support for Men's Sexual Health."
  • "Integrative Approach to Inflammatory Bowel Disease."


Blended Approach Series for Corporate Wellness

Description: Psychologist Cathy, Petchel MA and Naturopathic Doctor, Heidi Weinhold ND are available for in person events as well as virtual 1-hour customized webinars available for purchase. The speakers will discuss dealing with stress through modern psychology as well as the use of non-narcotic natural modalities to ease the symptoms of stress, while staying clear headed, creative, and innovative. The speakers bring a combined sixty-three years of clinical experience, and will share practical tips with participants to lessen situational anxiety.

Cost: The corporate rate for any topic in the series is available for a flat rate of $2500 with an unlimited amount of participants.

Topics in Blended Approach Series Include:

  • "Psychology, Naturopathy, A Blended Approach to Ease Situational Stress & Anxiety".
  • "Psychology, Naturopathy, A Blended Approach to Manage Loss"
  • "Psychology, Naturopathy, A Blended Approach to Staying Resilient"
  • "Psychology, Naturopathy, A Blended Approach to Positive Thinking"
  • "Psychology, Naturopathy, A Blended Approach to Drug Addiction"

May 7th - May 9th, 2021
FICS 2021 Global Sports Chiropractic Symposium

Naturopathy Canonsburg PA Speaking Engagement


Monday - Friday
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