Golf Stronger With These Homeopathic Remedies

Golf Stronger With These Homeopathic Remedies

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Although considered a low-impact sport, golf is not without risk for injury or pain. As a game of muscle memory, its repetitive motions put a tremendous amount of strain on muscles and joints. In this post, Heidi Weinhold, ND, shares homeopathic remedies for pain relief on and off the course. For more tips and information, visit

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Open your homeopathic golfer’s kit.

For centuries, European mountain climbers used Arnica to relieve their pain naturally. Today, golfers can get relief from muscle soreness, aches, and pains after a game with homeopathic Arnica montana. Sesquiterpene lactones found in Arnica plants, primarily helenalin, are thought to be responsible for the plant’s healing properties. Use 5 pellets of Arnica montana 30C under the tongue at the onset of pain, and repeat, if needed, up to three times in one day. Carrying an Arnica topical, like Arnicare Roll-On, in your golf bag can also come in handy for spot treatments on the wrists and elbows. It’s easy to apply between swings and doesn’t have a strong medicinal smell.

Golfers frequently experience low back pain, also known as “golfer’s torque.” The homeopathic medicine Magnesia phosphorica, which is made from magnesium, can help alleviate cramps and back spasms that are improved by heat. It’s ideal for taking after a tough round and when your back feels like it’s locked up into a spasm.

Rhus tox is another remedy for pain. Think of this medicine when you feel creaky and stiff like the Tin Man. It helps to relieve lower back pain with stiffness that’s improved by movement. It’s also helpful for golfer’s elbow. Both Rhus tox 30C and Magnesia phosphorica 30C can be alternated with Arnica 30C for pain relief. Each medicine can be taken up to three times in one day. Homeopathic medicines like these have big advantages compared to NSAIDs and pain pills. They’re non-habit forming and won’t interfere with other medications or affect alertness whether driving the golf cart or headed home.

Does the pressure to perform in front of competitive golf buddies get to you? Gelsemium sempervirens has a long history as a stress reducer. It was found in Civil War first aid kits to help give courage to soldiers walking on to the battlefield. Now, homeopathic Gelsemium sempervirens 30C can help relieve nervousness, shakiness, and anticipatory anxiety before sinking the big putt. Take 5 pellets the morning of the game and repeat, if needed, right before tee time.

About Dr. Weinhold: Heidi Weinhold, ND, is a naturopathic doctor specializing in homeopathy, nutritional supplements, and customized botanicals with a private practice in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pa. She holds a four-year doctoral degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) in Tempe, Ariz., along with a Doctor of Humane Letter from her alma mater. Her studies included drug-herb interactions, homeopathic intakes, dialoguing with physicians, and incorporating natural modalities.


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